CNC woodworking machine

Application: Furniture industry, solid wood furniture, solid wood doors, decorative materials, computer desks, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden columns and kitchen utensils, etc. It can also process automotive molds and non-metal molds. Material: MDF. wood plate, veneer, wood, application, pvc Technology parameter:
Index Index Parameter Optional
Travel X Travel 1300mm <2500mm
Y Travel 2500mm <5500mm
Z Travel 200mm <450mm
Precision Working Precision 0.04mm
Re-position 0.05mm
Structure Table Structure Vacuum Adsorption (PF) Strip Adsorption
X. Y.Z Structure X. Y Gear. Z Screw Rod
Speed Max Air Line Speed 45000mm/min
Max Working Speed 20000 mm/min
Spindle Spindle Power 3.8KW 8.0 Spindle
Running Speed 0-18000r/min
Table Size 1440*2915mm
Made of Operation Servo
Working Voltage AC380/50Hz AC380/60 Hz
Dictate of Operation G code
Net Weight 1600kg
Gross Weight 1900kg

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