Jaguar F8

Conveyor Convection Oven

Jaguar F8 conveyor convection oven​

Heating SystemNumber of Heating ZoneTop 8/ Bottom 8
Number of Cooling Zone2(Top2, Bottom 2)
Heating Passage3121mm
Heating StyleHot Air
Cooling StyleForced Air Cooling
Exhaust Volume10m³/min * 2 Exhaust


Conveyor System

Max. Width of PCB420mm
Mesh Belt Width500mm
Conveyor DirectionL→R(option: R→L)
Process Height900±20mm
Conveyor TypeMesh and Chain
Conveyor Speed0-2000mm/min
Auto LubricationStandard
Fixed TrackFront Track Fixed(Option: Rear Track Fixed)
PCB ClearanceTop and Bottom 25mm


Control system

Power Supply5 line 3 phase 380V 50/60HZ
Total Power48KW
Startup Power40KW
Steady Consumption8KW
Ramp Up Time20 mins
Temp. Setting RangeFrom Room Temp. To 300℃
Temp. Control MethodPID Close Loop Control & SSR Driving
Temp. Control Precision±1℃
Data StorageProcess Data and Status Storage(80GB)
Nozzle PlateAluminum Alloy Plate
Abnormal AlarmAbnormal Temperature (Overtemp/Low Temperature)

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