Цех радиоэлектроники

Automatic optical inspection

Object Inspection Oblique/photographic backdrops for children's parties/wrong color/incomplete rollover/damaged/ High cold joint/insufficient solder/oversolder
Component Inspection 0201 IC chip pitch 0.3mm, wave soldering point
Check method Color image comparison of IC text recognition short analysis, graphics, similarity analysis, color analysis, tan, gray analysis
Camera Color ccd (2m), resolution 15um, FOV 24*18mm, speed ≤ 2000 mm2/s
Light source Color (RGB) multi-angle cascade combination of LED lighting, high brightness, 2M pixels telephoto lens, DOV: 8mm
Feasibility test 120 dots/sec; Scheduling time: 1-1.5 hr/1000 components, NG inspection ratio> 99% Overhead reject rate: 005 - 3.0% (Repeat rate <3 items per set), False accept rate <0.01%
Label recognition 2 touch points, support for multi-board multi-mark touch points, support for bad mark; Process speeds 0.5 sec/piece Free shipping
Computer Dual core 2.7G, DDR II 2.0G, 500G hard drive, 22" wide screen LCD
PCB Thickness 0.3-5.0 (PCB curvature≤ 5mm)
PCB height Top: 30mm, bottom 35mm (can be customized upon customer request)
Drive method AC servo motor + ball screw rod + linear guide rail
Movement speed Max 700mm/s
PCB size 380*380mm, auto-width
Conveyor height 900 ± 20 mm
Power 220V/50Hz, 650W, UPS, 1000 VA uninterruptible power supply
Compressed air Max 0.3MPa
Dimension 980*1080*1410mm (signal light height not included); Signal lamp Height: 550 mm
Weight 600 kg

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