IoT Ecosensor

Indoor (internal) are used for indoor monitoring – offices, houses, apartments, warehouses, workshops. Outdoor (outdoor), used for outdoor monitoring – on the street, in open industrial premises, quarries, warehouses. Data from devices is transmitted over a secure radio channel, and always provide accurate and up-to-date information. Ecosensors operate on the principle of a distributed MESH network. Each node in it has the same powers as all the others, all nodes in the network are equal. A self-organizing network, when the equipment that supports it is turned on, automatically connects to existing participants, selects the best routes and self-configures within the network. The MESH network provides extended coverage, improves network stability, and transmits data through the most advantageous, for the network, located node. Energy-intensive devices operate on a built-in battery for up to 5 years. Modularity is an advantage of the ecosensor. The body and components can be changed according to the needs of the customer. Indoor IoT-Ecosensor can contain:
  • Smoke and CO2 detector
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Air particle count measurement module
  • Gas and impurities measurement module
  • Any required sensors
Indoor (internal) eco-sensor:
  • Temperature sensor – measuring range -10 +85°C, ±0.4°C
  • Humidity sensor – 0-80% RH, ±3%
  • Illumination measurement sensor – measurement level adapted to the perception of the human eye, measurement angle ±60°, wavelength 440-800nm
  • Motion sensor – 120° field of view, 8m range
  • CO2 sensor – measuring range 400-8192 PPM
  • Gas Analyzer (TVOC) – 0-1187 PPB
  • Smoke detector
  • Communication channel – WI-FI 2.4 GHz, BGN; NBIoT 3G, 4G
  • Power consumption – 220V, 5W


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