Планшетный резчик

Tablet cutter

Flatbed cutter with a size of 2x3 meters with a vacuum table

Type: flatbed cutting plotter
Application: single-layer curly cutting of material
Material: foam board, paper, PVC, composite, acrylic, MDF, etc.
Working area: 1300x1100mm; 1700x1300mm; 2500x1600mm
Knife type: oscillating, tangential, etc.
Modules: roll unwinder
Possible tools: PRT, EOT, POT, KCT, V-Cut, RZ
Options: CCD camera, AKI
Cutting speed: up to 1 m/s
Max. material thickness: 50mm
Vacuum clamp: yes
Conveyor belt: option
Autofeed: option
Auto-acceptance: option
Control : PC
Software: iBrightcut and CutterServer