Resin application machine

Resin application machine TopGear SilCon

Suitable for silicones with a 1:1 mixing ratio and a viscosity up to max 22,000 cps (22000 mPas).

The Top Gear Six 1: 1 is a very simple silicone dispenser that works on air pressure.  This dispenser comes with a 15 Kg A and a 15 Kg B transparent container.

Further features:

  • Precision, air driven rotary pumps 
  • Valveless and pulseless accurate metering
  • Powerful 4 HP safe air duplex drive Highest output.
  • Glass clear graduated tanks
  • Tank Low level audible alarm.
  •  Exceptionally low tank redundancy < 1.7kg 
  • Lightweight highly manoeuvrable 
  • 4 m feed hose to spray head 
  • Light weight head 
  • Rotational fittings with quick release 
  • Soft, fatigue resistant finger tip start 
  • Spray pressure regulation with gauge 
  • Rapid & Infinitely variable output. 
  • Easy Head parking High flexibility covered umbilical. 
  • Emergency Stop Control. 
  • Exceptional low maintenance.