Vacancy: Programmer of embedded systems

Department: engineering department

The design bureau is one of the main divisions of the company, which consists of high-class specialists possessing advanced technologies and equipped with the most modern computer equipment.

Main goals and objectives:

  • Creation of structural flowcharts, according to which work will be distributed
  • Tie to any platform that will allow the project to be implemented
  • Coordinate code with developers and circuit engineers
  • Agree project test plans

Functional Responsibilities:

  • Architecture development, modeling and implementation of data transmission systems based on SDR platforms and embedded systems
  • Reception, demodulation, signal processing and research
  • Synchronous reception of signals on multiple receiver channels
  • Generation and transmission of wideband signals
  • Developing the architecture of information exchange methods for system elements, creating software for Microchip PIC32 MX-/MM-series microcontrollers
  • Create and implement communication protocols
  • Control and manage system modules and peripherals
  • Multiple Device Collaboration
  • Development of electrical circuits, tracing of printed circuit boards, creation of libraries and 3D modeling of components, preparation of design documentation
  • Development of structural and functional relationships
  • Search and selection of purchased components
  • Create printed circuit boards and documentation for manufacturing

Required experience :

  • Development experience (microcontrollers, embedded).

Professional Skills:

  • Knowledge of C++/C. Experience in developing embedded systems for serial products.
  • Knowledge of ARM architectures (Cortex M).
  • Experience with peripherals via I2C, SPI, UART, RS232, CAN interfaces.
  • The ability to understand other people's code, the ability to write well-structured and documented code.
  • Profile higher technical education.

Mode of operation

  • с 8:00 до 17:00


  • There is a delivery

Knowledge of languages:

  • Russian, English - technical fluent

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