Vacancy: Logistics - Purchaser

Department: purchasing department

Main goals and objectives:

  • Collect company wants and needs
  • Request a quotation and approve the purchase
  • Complete the procurement process on time and be able to prioritize
  • Collect documents and goods (if necessary)

Functional Responsibilities:

  • Organization and coordination of the procurement and approval process.
  • Designing a Procurement Plan according to needs.
  • Inventory and order management;
  • Document management (usually in 1C), control of contracts and invoices from contractors, reporting.
  • Reception and control of goods.
  • Monitoring and analysis of logistics costs.
  • Formation of commodity reports, analysis of receivables and payables for accounting.
  • Distribution of goods in the warehouse (accounting for the availability of storage spaces).
  • Interaction with representatives of importing companies.
  • Activities in the field of foreign economic activity.
  • Knowledge of the regulatory framework for foreign economic activity, legislation in the field of international transportation;
  • Experience with customs;
  • Experience with international carriers (railway, sea, air).

Required experience :

  • Higher education.
  • PC skills, knowledge of office programs and 1C.
  • Knowledge of the basics of workflow.
  • Knowledge of transport legislation.
  • Experience in a specialty or related field.

Professional Skills:

  • Have experience in the field of foreign economic activity, Procurement, Tender

Personal qualities:

  • Improvise
  • Knowledge of modeling technology
  • Understanding visualization and resulting product

Mode of operation

  • с 8:00 до 17:00


  • There is a delivery

Knowledge of languages:

  • English advanced(required), Chinese, Russian

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